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every time i see a woman i remember why i'm a lesbian

every time i see a man i also remember why i'm a lesbian

Antifascist black metal compilation. It is free, but it'd be cool if you're able to help them get out of debt from legal fees.

"When we created the Antifascist Black Metal Network, we were fed up with how fascism, racism, LGBTQIA+phobia, sexism, ableism and other oppressions were pervasive in black metal and wanted to do something about it. [...][W]e have already uploaded bands from 24 different countries, with a lot more to follow."


why do movies have to be political allegories and shit like that why can't a movie just be about vampire tiddy

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Plop, dites vous avez des reco barres protéinées pour les moments ou faut manger mais vous avez vraiment pas l'energie ? (ptet pas forcément des trucs liquides mais vraiment des barres)

J'aimerais bien me faire un stock en cas de besoin

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i think i might be a lesbian

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