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new cryptid: person who can do two things in a day

Rewilding Wolves is Not Enough! They deserve High Explosive Military Ordinance!!!

to honor the queens death, we should kill england

if you call me cutie i'm legally allowed to murder you

I'm short an entire paycheck due to COVID derailing my life. I need like $685 to break even still. My most urgent need though is cat litter and cat food(about $60 total). The cats aren't starving but they are eating cheap cat food and Fergus needs sensitive skin and stomach so it's not ideal, but the litter I'm totally put of 😭

If anyone can kick in a couple bucks my venmo is @badbxtch69

Thanks for reading and boosting friends! Being broke is no joke


If I don't know s9mething I simply call it "nerd shit." It's a baeutiful system, folks

lewd ?, shitpost 

you ever think about how the phrase "explored each other's bodies" is less explicit than "had sex" but implies a way more intimate activity ?

like, you can technically have sex through a hole in a wall or a bedsheet and never really interact with the other person

but "exploring each other's bodies" implies a level of communication and trust and a certain level of vulnerability with the other person that "have sex with" doesn't necessarily

anyway, do you think woody and buzz lightyear ever explored each other's bodies ?

I don't know who needs to hear this today but:
Being disabled is a full time job.

tl:dr i love driving even tho my brain constantly reminds me i could die easily any time and that it'd be kind of funny if i did it purposefully

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