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"bonjour marine le pen
- bonjour
- vous n'avez pas honte?"

important scientific poll 

do you know a vampire. do they have soft skin?

i'm nonbinary and my joints hurt. boost this post if you're nonbinary and your joints hurt

it's fucked up that when you eat the ice cream there's less ice cream

nooo dont call the cops im smol uwu threat actor

in the american localisation willy wonka's name is changed to dick jackoff

re: Alerta antifascista Rennes 

à 23h10, deux fafs descendent la Rue de l'Echange direction parc du Vieux Saint Etienne, faisant des saluts nazis

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🔴 Alerta antifascista Rennes 

L'Action Française fait une réu ce soir dans le centre ville de Rennes. Prudence.

Les camarades sont sur le qui vive.



the moer i think of it the more sense it makes. cheese is just milk processed by a bacteria piss is just blood processed by a kidney of course

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is piss llike cheese to vampires. what

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