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if you don’t wear a bra you can flash your tits easier just saying

you know

i remember that this movie is bad

but i had apparently forgotten how bad

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i think this simple quote just says a lot about the movie as a whole

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the fact it doesn't shine all the time is to give vampires a sense of false security

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pretty sure the sun is a conspiracy created by humans to kill more vampire

Pour la déconjugalisation de l’allocation adulte handicapé et l’adoption du projet de loi n°3970 (FR):


tried wearing foundation for the first time and... it works? and doesn't feel awful on my skin? huh neat (boosts +++)

i would simply debate a nazi (kick his ass and tell his mom who's now an ancom and likes me more than her son)

uspol, concentration camps 

Joe Biden has been in office for 100 days. There are still children in concentration camps at the Mexico-US border.

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