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good morning ✨ don't forget to work towards the redistribution of wealth and the liberation of colonies and semi-colonies in everything you do 💖

sex ment 

oh you ""satisfy women in bed""??? don't you think that's a little appropriative of lesbian culture??

maybe don't talk about graphically violent or even vaguely violent things in a strangers mentions like a joke, idk that seems like it should be common sense, but here we are

ah j'ai oublié ma conclusion
plot prévisible, mais il reste bien, persos trop cools, décors incroyables, excellentes scènes d'actions.
je recommande très fort.

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#NW Space Sweepers

Film de SF space opéra coréen sur netflix
c'est très bonne énergie

me (to a cat): you're a cat!
cat: that's right

reminder that France is the only other nation than America to ever drop nukes--er, sorry, do "strategic nuclear testing"--on another country, during the Algerian Revolution

I think Algeria should be allowed to do strategic nuclear testing in Paris

sorry I don't really speak French and I only know a couple of basic phrases like "bonjour", "baguette", and "La France est une nation raciste, islamophobe et impérialiste qui doit être détruite"

Rappel qu'il y a une pétition à signer pour faire pression pour que la déconjugalisation de l'AAH passe à l'assemblée

Faites circuler auprès de vos proches


France isn't leftist you dumb piece of shit lmao France is literally trying to outlaw Islamic practices for "not racist reasons"

the vampires just need to eat its fine

you dont have to be attractive or beautiful to be worthy/deserving as a person

Remember kids

if you are "gift", stop listening to your parents, learn things you want, have fun and take care of yourself.
A lot

À 10 boosts je demande aux gosses à côté si je peux jouer au foot avec eux (mauvaise idée. Je sais pas jouer au foot)

Prince Phillip was not alone in his condition... Please, use today to reach out to your friends who are suffering from botched necromancy.

lmao me, except i also have trauma and probably several mental disorders c:

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