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Promo artiste queer, boost ++ 

J'en reparle une fois de plus mais ma soeur a un shop utip ou elle met ces dessins sur des t-shirt, des pulls, des sticker un peu aussi,... et en plus c'est queer

Et vous l'aiderais beaucoup a payer sa mammec

du coup son utip :

son insta :

et quelques visuel de ces dessins dispo sur le utip :

one thing i like to do on here is to put ast*risks into any slurs i post to show that i'm aware some people might not want to look at them while simultaneously making sure people who have them filtered out will still be forced to

eye contact, selfies, boost ok 

been a while

i still need to bleach and dye my hair but like 🙄

Lesbians living with their girlfriend and their cats

Wired: The smoll wolf, the moon is beautiful and that's true

Hazardous gender.
Weaponized gender.
Military-grade gender.

Ace Attorney trials and tribulations 

le thème musical de Godot il est tellement sexy mdrrr, pour aucune raison en plus, ça me fume j'avais oublié à quoi il ressemblait

Lesbians doing "The stare™"

Boost if you agree 😔🤙

Vampire mythology except instead of garlic they're afraid of Garfield

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