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breath of the wild musings 

so. monsters make and use tools and can be seen dancing/communicating. they have camps, social hierarchies, and at least some sort of rudimentary language(they make noises at each other)

breath of the wild monsters(at least) are, as such, classifiable as intelligent creatures

what if their hostility towards hylians is mostly motivated by fear, and hylian aggression is what drove them to attack them in the first place?

It would explain why kilton's masks work: you're making an effort to blend in, and as such are less likely to attack them, and so they don't try and fight you.

the lynel mask does not work for long, but i have an explanation for that too: lynels are territorial, and perceive any prolonged presence in their territory as a challenge. they wait for the non-hostile intruder to leave, but if the intrusion is prolonged, they will fight to defend their hunting ground from others

ive been thinking about this off and on for months

what the fuck is 'the sun'. y'all heard of this

Showing up on election day to downvote all the candidates

the existence of Alestorm implies the existence of a slightly less interesting band called Lagerwind

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