@Anzeliane ça fait plusieurs jours que j'ai l'impression qu'on est samedi ou dimanche perso

now that i have an egirls account I'm contractually obligated to do the makeup look where i look like i got sunburned across my nose, it's my real summer look (selfie, boosts +)

@egg i mean my cats are both three years old

one of them is like, physically small (she's had health issues when she was small and well, it didn't help her growth)

the other is probably a little above average

but in their head ? they both are the tinniest cat that ever existed

they say cats are anarchists but mine will not shut up about Mao

once im finished with u ur gonna be an enby dyke like me and its gonna b great

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@FirstProgenitor because people will be horny for pretty much anything or anyone that exists

Numiniatures of the day: a "friendly" trollkin, living in peace with his kin, while destroying royalist industrialized ennemies with giant toothsticks :anarchy:

#painting #mastoart #miniatures

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