my dragon girlfriend spoiler 

character : "I'm straight"

hot werewolf lesbian : *appears*

character :

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

they're a few days old cause i just

forgot about them

but hey, i'm hot

(also : i need to dye my hair again)

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

found myself hot and apparently it's my hrt anniversary so i thought i'd "celebrate" the occasion

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

tired as fuck and i need to wash my hair but i had sunlight and motivation so 🤷

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

damn i haven't posted any selfies in almost two months

anyway i'm hot

eye contact, selfies, boost ok 

wasn't really happy with the original lighting, with some filters it's better but the lighting is still eh in my opinion

but i'm still hot so at least that's okay

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