eye contact, selfies, boost ok 

wasn't really happy with the original lighting, with some filters it's better but the lighting is still eh in my opinion

but i'm still hot so at least that's okay

selfie, eye contact, boost ok 

took them yesterday cause i did my sidecut again

not fond of the lighting but hey that'll do

eye contact, selfies, boost ok 

took those a few days ago after i took a bath

forgot to post them here so, here you go

eye contact, selfies, boost ok 


probably last selfies with that haircut cause this bitch is getting a new one tomorrow

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

wasn't satisfied with the lighting at first so it's the first time i edit them

seems good to me

eye contact, selfies, boost ok 


I was wondering how i would look in full camo, and i thought it wouldn't fit me

turns out i'm still absolutely hot so

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