selfies, eye contact, boost++ 

another top that my gf bought for themself but that suit me better

selfies, eye contact, boost++ 

nbf originally bought that crop top for them but it doesn't suit them while it does suit me so

selfie, eye contact, light nudity, boost ok 

I'm not fond of the first one but i like the fact that you can see my tattoo in the mirror so

selfie, eye contact, boost++ 

i think i might be a lesbian

tfw you really don't want to date some dude and so you just

become the moon

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

as you can see i like Chloe from life is strange

and also I'm hot

selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

so it's been a while since i wanted to do that

a month ago i bought binders cause sometimes i'm just more comfortable with my chest being flat

don't know exactly why yet, might be just cause fuck gender

anyway i'm a butch lesbian and i'm *hot* and happy

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