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My accounts all over the Fediverse :

- @Luna main account (I usually accept most follow requests)

- my blog if I ever want to write stuff in public again (probably mostly french but who knows)

- Lewd account on request (mutuals only)

- Private account on request (mutuals only)

Get ready this saturday (may 8th) at 8h30 PM (CEST) for an experimental live on Bruit Blanc Twitch channel :blob_rave:

All info:

now that i have an egirls account I'm contractually obligated to do the makeup look where i look like i got sunburned across my nose, it's my real summer look (selfie, boosts +)

they say cats are anarchists but mine will not shut up about Mao

once im finished with u ur gonna be an enby dyke like me and its gonna b great

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Numiniatures of the day: a "friendly" trollkin, living in peace with his kin, while destroying royalist industrialized ennemies with giant toothsticks :anarchy:

#painting #mastoart #miniatures

smol doggo is being bullied by bigger doggo who won't stop licking her snoot

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