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selfie, eye contact, boost++ 

i think i might be a lesbian

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selfies, eye contact, boost ok 

so it's been a while since i wanted to do that

a month ago i bought binders cause sometimes i'm just more comfortable with my chest being flat

don't know exactly why yet, might be just cause fuck gender

anyway i'm a butch lesbian and i'm *hot* and happy

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do you think cerberus gets along well with his head mates

pinned between a sleeping lover and purring cat. good morning again

spoiler ffxiv heavensward 

- when moenbryda died
- when Haurchefant died
- when Haurchefant's father gives you his broken shield and tell you how he used to describe you to him
- when ysayle died
- when you are at Haurchefant's grave during a cutscene
- when ysayle and Haurchefant help you save estinien

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mission photoshop rémunérée (mention chirurgie trans) 

Une copaine cherche qqun.e pour lui faire une simulation de ffs via photoshop ou autre. Possibilité de rémunération. Boosts appréciés, merci :)

Rules for being a vampire:

- bite things (people)
- always tired
- sun is stinky
- dracula = bad news stay away!!
- dance parties
- sleep

À Grenoble, le Burkini a été autorisé dans les piscines municipales, après un long travail du Syndicat des femmes musulmanes de l'Alliance Citoyenne, et des assos et groupes militants antiracistes et féministes. Le topless est normalement également autorisé.

Ça s'est joué à 29 voix contre 27 avec 2 abstentions.

octodon users have beautiful eyes. many such occurrences

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