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How to talk to me outside the Fediverse :

- Matrix (which I don't use much) :

- Telegram : @Luna_Blue

- Wire (which I don't use much) : @luna_blue

- Twitter : @LunaNarchiste

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My accounts all over the Fediverse :

- @Luna main account (I usually accept most follow requests)

- my blog if I ever want to write stuff in public again (probably mostly french but who knows)

- Lewd account on request (mutuals only)

- Private account on request (mutuals only)

i don't have a raven but i have a black cat and he's a giant baby that's goth too right

Reminder you can also pay @CobaltVelvet with borgars for doing such amazing work with :3

give her money or i will Destroy you. i will slam dunk you

asking for money (monero/btc) 

if you have some spare cryptocoins,

btc: 18NY191tpG3WhvRbjxxcqHG4MFgCkSSsAA

monero: 88Py8XtrBLCfmSgBh8wv678CKkZMh777vFiZncrpuHQahaSSJE3ag1aGKHodrFyYP2hzcYiqbF9z88Py8XtrBLCfmSgBh8wv678CKkZMh777vFiZncrpuHQahaSSJE3ag1aGKHodrFyYP2hzcYiqbF9zQX11VfN3f8deDjQM7vpQX11VfN3f8deDjQM7vp88Py8XtrBLCfmSgBh8wv678CKkZMh777vFiZncrpuHQahaSSJE3ag1aGKHodrFyYP2hzcYiqbF9zQX11VfN3f8deDjQM7vp

I've just read "horny post" as "homestuck", I've wasted my life

Havin my gfs and also me talking in colors is nice 👌
Creamy has lime, luna has jade and i have cobalt
Poke me if you want special colors too, even if it's just for me :3 (wink wink liskar and nounoure, tho i'm lazy and i don't want to do regex thingy and break everything x) )


Luna elle connaît pas TTC :blob_fearful: :oh_no:

"sword lesbians :blobmelt: "
"goth gf :blobmiou: "
"I hate to admit it but there’s something kinda cool about Warhammer 40k if only it wasn’t so masc :blobbowing: "

thinking about how Gideon the Ninth is an elaboration of these universally acknowledged feelings.

#literature #fantasy #gideontheninth #scifi

moi: *galère à aligner des trucs sous GIMP*
SO bon miou: "mais pourquoi t'utilises pas l'outil d'alignement?"
moi: "pardon???? DEPUIS QUAND Y'A CA??? D:"

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